Fausto Yturria, Jr. has lived a life filled with exciting business ventures and exotic faraway adventures.

He has friends in all the remote corners of the world….from Presidents, Kings and Princes of countries, to tribesmen in Zimbabwe.

He loves his wife and family immensely, and continues to live an extremely full life.


A historian and curator of his Great Grandfather’s legacy, Fausto enjoys telling the interesting stories of Francisco Yturria, a legendary Hispanic-Texan who was front and center in the formation of Southern Texas. His movie-like life story was recently published in the book, “The Patriarch”, written by Frank D. Yturria, Fausto’s elder brother.


As a young man, Fausto graduated from Texas A&M in 1957 (Bachelor of Science Degree), ran for the Texas House of Representatives as a Republican in 1962, drove Army tanks at Fort Knox, Kentucky, and pulled off one of the biggest pranks ever on the entire City of San Antonio in the Battle of Flowers Parade (“Prince of Iran”) in 1961. He escorted Dwight D. Eisenhower, President of the United States upon his visit to San Antonio and made International News when he married Sandra Longoria of Mexico in 1964.

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In his first foray into business, Fausto ushered in the first television cable company of the Lower Rio Grande Valley, Southwest CATV in 1966. He built “Las Haciendas Apartments” in 1969, which was the first apartment housing unit built in Brownsville since World War II. He then built a 15-acre shopping center, North Park Plaza, in 1970. It anchors a grocery store and continues to run at full occupancy. One reason for this is his impeccable care of the Center, as well as everything in his life. He continues to office there today. He founded the Plaza National Bank in Harlingen, Texas, in 1974 and helped bring greyhound racing to Harlingen, Texas in 1990 with the opening of The Valley Greyhound Park.

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Simultaneous to his commercial ventures, Fausto has been a
successful rancher who raises some of the most sought-after longhorns in the world. If you have been to a rodeo, you have probably seen some of his bulldoggin’ steers. His Hacienda Yturria is also home to one of the largest Nilgai Antelope preserves in the world.


Fausto continues to have grand business plans, juggles his love for business, Brownsville, San Antonio and his craving to travel the world as well as just kick back at Hacienda Yturria, his amazing ranch outside Raymondville, Texas and adjacent to the King Ranch, which he shares with his sister, Pansy Yturria Kimbro. One thing is certain, Fausto considers his life to be very blessed. A father of three wonderful children and three grandchildren, Fausto has cherished the ups in life; his family, friends and business interests and has also the weathered the storms, the most difficult being the loss of his eldest son, Shelby Theriot Yturria.

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Fausto is madly in love with music; namely jazz as well as art; especially wildlife, cowboy and
bronze statue art. “If Music and Art was not such an intricate part of my life, I would die”, are the words often spoken by the fun-loving Fausto. A long-time friend of the late Gene Autry, Fausto is also a fan of Hollywood western heritage from the silver screen.

This past month, Fausto was spotted on stage with the famous American Conga Player,
Poncho Sanchez, during an outdoor San Antonio Concert, on KSAT-TV News speaking about his life story project, at the Gene Autry Museum of the American West Board meeting in Los Angeles, enjoying a bagel at Nate N’ Al’s in Beverly Hills, some nopalitos and a Dr. Pepper at a Brownsville, Texas hole-in-the-wall, as well as enjoying lobster at The Argyle Club in San Antonio.

Fausto Yturria has no plans to cease having fun.

He plans to continue to make people laugh.

He will continue to swing his hips as he shuffles his feet to a Brazilian jazz tune.

He will continue to thank God every day for his many blessings and as he worships at Sacred Heart Church in Brownsville or St. Peter’s Church in San Antonio.


In 2010, ordinarily a person born in 1935 would be 75 years old. In Fausto’s case, on January 19, 2010, he will be 75 years young. In November 2009 you will find him shooting Spanish Partridge in Spain, February 2010 shooting Dove in Argentina and in July 2010 he will be taking his twin-grandsons on their second Safari in Africa.

Recently... Fausto Yturria JR. has been documenting the highlights of his life (and the history of his ancestors) at
My Story in San Antonio.

The story continues……..